As Germany’s central employer association, BDA organises the social and economic interests of the entire German business community. Its members are sectoral federations at federal level and associations at Land level. Membership of employer federations is voluntary. Thanks to our firm roots in individual companies, we are the authentic voice of German employers – also at European level and around the world.

Our objective: to be the voice of employers in the social market economy

Our mission is to encourage companies to invest in Germany, to stimulate innovations, and to enable the creation of jobs and apprenticeships. This corresponds to our responsibility within the German economy and reflects the essential contribution made by employers to underpinning the social market economy, democracy and security as well as a prosperous society. To live up to this responsibility, companies must be able to engage successfully in business, hold their own in international competition and generate profits. To do this, they need discretion to shape their activities.

Strong employer associations ensure that the social partnership enshrined in Germany’s Basic Law is a success and that fair working conditions in our country are safeguarded. In concrete terms, social partnership finds its expression in the deployment of modern and flexible collective agreements, adaptable labour legislation and committed involvement in social self-administration.

It is BDA’s vocation to steer opinion-forming in debates on all important social and business policy issues. It is the first point of contact and adviser for all questions with relevance for employers. We stand for competence in collective bargaining, in labour law, in social, labour-market and education policy as well as in European and international policy issues.

We perform our tasks on the basis of dialogue and team work. To that end, we work closely with our member federations. Transparent and democratic decision-making gives our positions a weight which leaves individual interests far behind. BDA seeks to be a reliable partner in its network bringing together businesses, policy-makers, academia and media in order to be able to represent the interests of its members effectively.

Network: communicative, reliable, valuable

BDA offers its members a comprehensive network for an intensive exchange of experience. We dialogue with all relevant economic and societal opinion-formers in business, media, academia, the legal profession, politicians, churches and trade unions. We organise a large number of internal and public events to disseminate information, represent interests and perform publicity work. We interact with our members in meetings, themed conferences and seminars on current developments, new laws and jurisprudence. We work closely with other leading German business federations and support sensible initiatives by other organisations.

Service: member-oriented, comprehensive, up to the minute

BDA offers a comprehensive and targeted service package for its members and their constituent companies. We provide support through up-to-date and incisive information services and tailored advice on the basis of positions prepared with members. We support our members with legal compliance through concrete recommendations for action and practical guidelines. A further core element of our work is cooperation with autonomous social insurance institutions. Support for CSR activities is also part of our service offer. In addition, numerous events and initiatives, support with press and public relations work as well as with interest representation at EU level are essential components of the comprehensive service offer that BDA offers its members.

BDA initiatives (selection)

BDA member federations – close to companies, versatile, effective

BDA’s members are 14 cross-sectoral regional associations and 48 leading national sectoral federations of employers active in industry, commerce, financial services, transport, handicrafts, services and agriculture. Around one million companies with 20 million employees are associated with BDA directly or indirectly via their representative organisations. Many member federations organise not only collective bargaining alliances but also federations of companies that are not bound by a collective agreement. As a central social policy organisation, BDA does not conclude collective agreements itself. Its member federations are of essential importance for BDA’s interest representation and positioning. For all fundamental decisions, representatives of member federations from all business sectors work with BDA through 47 committees.
Quelle: BDA, 2020

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